We've worked on more projects than we can remember......seriously!

Here are a few of the most recent....



A great company that uses some innovative technology to allow customers to automate the process of scheduling and manage posts from multiple Instagram accounts.



One of our own startup projects, we haven't completely taken the wraps off yet, but suffice to say it is a video storytelling platform made for high end filmmakers. 



A very cool startup with the tagline "doctor anywhere, anytime".

The guys are looking to revolutionise at-work healthcare by allowing employers to offer their teams a mobile-based GP booking system.



EMA is a complete ecosystem for mobile and behaviour research consisting of  a rich set of tools for configuring studies on the back-end and a mobile application that a researcher can give to a study participant.



CarePlanner gives domiciliary home care agencies the power to plan and manage staff rosters, client schedules, invoicing and timesheets.

The caregivers use a mobile app (iOS/Android) to view and log their appointments.



We've been working on a social mobile application for iOS, something that has videos and some rich message stuff, but we can't really talk about it.  We can tell you a bit about the tech though if you click through.....


We can do an awesome job on your idea as well you know....