PiLR Health is a cloud based system designed to make it possible for a university researcher to manage projects that collect event based information from study participants.  Research projects include fast food consumption amongst students, farming activity tracking, urban park usage and many others.

Tapit App worked as part of a team, primarily in the areas of sensor interaction and delivering some of the more complex pieces of functional code.



PiLR Participant App

Study participants are given a mobile application (iOS/Android) called Pilr EMA. The app can run in the background to collect sensor data and it can prompt participants to respond to survey questions based on time and date, location, or activity level.

The app itself is fully configured from the back end and the contents of the application is dynamically generated based on the surveys that are set up. So one project may require the use of location tracking information from GPS and another may stream data from an external sensor. (for example).

The Techie Bit:

The application is written using the cross-platform Appcelerator Titanium framework, however due to the complex nature of some of the functionality our expertise in native development was heavily utilised, specifically in the areas of:

  • Integrating with external Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, used for activity tracking
  • Integration with BLE Beacons
  • Developing Android service code so that instruments sample in the background at periodic intervals

These required the development of native Objective-C and Java modules to plug into Titanium.

Additionally, we also wrote a custom query language for PiLR Health, used by the mobile app to make real-time decisions on actions that the app should take (such as presenting a survey after certain activity thresholds are met).