This is something of a labour of love that we are actively working on at the moment.  It's essentially a platform for storytellers who are big into using the medium of film and imagery.  We are using the latest technology to deliver an end to end experience that starts with a desktop based editing environment, and ends with consumers watching excellent stories through mobile devices, the web and tvOS.


Desktop Editor & Preview App

We've written a native macOS application that the editor can use to pull video, image and textual assets together to create their story.

The Desktop application also has a companion iPhone/iPad application that the user can live preview their content on when they build it.

The Techie Bit:

Desktop Editor /Mobile apps written natively using Swift 3, heavy use of AVFoundation for handling video assets, Multipeer Connectivity Framework to connect multiple devices for preview., macOS has built in web server for assets and streaming video. 

Content Platform

Once the editor has finished, they need to publish a draft and then finally a complete story to the wider world.  We need to get the content out of the desktop app and onto a platform that can be accessed by consumers.  One of the big challenges is taking the video and putting it into a format that both consumers on 3G connections as well as those of fast broadband can enjoy.
We also need to organise the content, make it search accessible etc

To do that we built a content platform that has a built in transcoding pipeline that can take input videos and turn them into HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) playlists for adaptive streaming (phew what a mouthful)

The Techie Bit: 

API Server built using NodeJS + Meteor/Express (still working on this), API using REST and GraphQL (Apollo), storage using AWS S3, transcoding microservices controlled using AWS Lambda, Zencoder as the transcoding engine


Consumer App

This is the best bit, and the bit we're still working on.  Getting a wonderful storytelling experience, wrapped up in an easy to use, searchable front end is where we are at.

The story is the main thing, and we want to bring content creators stories to as wide an audience as possible. So we are targeting: iOS (iPhone and iPad), tvOS, Web and Android devices.

The Techie Bit: 

iOS Native (Swift), React Native for Android and tvOS for devices.  NodeJS and ReactJS for web.