Go2GP is a service that companies can offer their employees as a perk.  Essentially it allows team members to book an appointment (in 10 minute blocks) with an online doctor at a time convenient to them through an iOS/Android app.  

Tapit Apps was brought on board (through a recommendation) to build an MVP, something which we accomplished from blank slate to beta-ready product in a few weeks.


Web App

Team managers use a web-based app to manage the leaver/joiner process.
Doctors have access to a web-based system and can:

  • Set blocks of time in a calendar that they are available to take appointments
  • View upcoming appoints, including the symptoms the patient has and any images the patient has attached to their appointment
  • Start/End an appointment, save appointment notes

The Techie Bit:

Back end API and web application written in MeteorJS, view layer ReactJS, integration with Amazon S3 storage for patient image hosting, integration with email to send out enrolment emails and reminders. MongoDB used as the data layer.

Team Member Mobile App

Team members have a mobile app that allows them to:

  • View/Cancel their upcoming appointments
  • Start a new appointment- this includes adding symptoms, uploading images of issues they may have
  • Manage their profile - profile photo, address details, GP details

The Techie Bit: 

Cross platform app written in React Native, added modules for handling direct upload of patient photos to Amazon S3 using signed URLs generated by the API server.